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President: Denis HUBER

Co-President: Nathalie VERNEAU

Vice-President: Ellen FOURNIER

Treasurer: Catherine GUERRERO

Executive Secretary: Renée MORITZ

Elected Members: Keltoum BELAID, Alla HEITZ, Janis SYMONS


AGORA - Office A1.09V
+33(0)3 88 41 32 66



Du lundi au vendredi :

- de 9h30 à 12h30

- 14h00 à 17h00.

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Stay fit, 11th day

Stay fit, 11th day

Calendar from 08/04/2020 to 30/04/2020


Today's programme is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) proposed by Olivia Conrad.

You will have to do each exercise during 30 secondes. At the end of the 5 exercises, take a one minute break.

Do these exercises 5 times in a row.


Here is the programme for today:

1. Jumping jack.
2. Abdominal sheathing.
3. Squats - jumps if possible.
4. Russian Twist abds.
5. Steps forward with your left knee in front of you and then the right knee
... Read more »

Stay fit, 10th day

Stay fit, 10th day

Calendar from 07/04/2020 to 31/05/2020


Today' Fitness exercise has been prepared by Nancy Nuttall-Bodin.

It is called "lower back strengthening".

Lie on your stomach on the floor, forehead on the floor arms over your head (like Superman trying to fly!).

Exhale and raise your 2 arms off the floor slowly, hold when you lift them as high as you can, then lower - repeat 12-15 times.

Well done for today!

Stay tuned for more cardio-fitness exercices tomorrow. They will be proposed by Olivia Conrad. ... Read more »

Stay fit, 9th day

Stay fit, 9th day

Calendar from 07/04/2020 to 31/05/2020

ASCE fitness exercises of Monday 6 April 2020:

Today's fitness exercices have been prepared by Olivia Conrad.

You will practice 5 exercices to work out your legs, abds and gluteal muscles.

Let's go!

Look at the picture to adapt your position and correct it if necessary.


1. 10 burpees.

2. 10 steps forward and jumps.

3. 10 jumps.

4. 10 squats.

5. 10 push ups.

Do these 5 exercises ten times on a row, at your own rythm, don't rush and ... Read more »