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The Journey
The Journey The Journey The Journey

Gabriel BAN - The Journey

Calendar Exposition du 02/05/2017 au 26/05/2017, à la galerie Agora du Conseil de l'Europe, bâtiment Agora

Vernissage le 03/05/2017 17.30 à 19.30, à la galerie Agora du Conseil de l'Europe, bâtiment Agora

Artist Statement

Trying to understand the world we live in and searching for answers, I create art works since my childhood. My inspiration came at first from nature, later from emotions that I've tried to represent using charcoals and ink, water colors, tempera and acrylic paints until I discovered the beauty of the oil colors which remains my favorite media today. Then I started being inspired by my inner world such as dreams and fantasies, switching from perception to concepts in the way of composing and rearranging elements. I am reinterpreting the subjects to such extent that they are more or less faithful representations of what I can see. The whole picture is reconstructed from imagination as the basis for the composition.

I consider visual art as a mysterious way of translating information. What I would like is to bring peace and joy in the eyes of whoever is seeing my art work. I want to remind people that there could be a world built in harmony, colors and light, expressed in the manner of a creative force. I am trying to make my contribution toward enhancing the role of arts in the community revitalization connecting people from different backgrounds, in the enrichment of the quality in life by education, encouraging the expression of liberty and the liberty of expression in a peaceful, creative manner.

My inspiration comes through memories, emotions, passions and dreams as a "Silent Journey of Light". Light reflects everything back to the viewer so the exterior becomes internal reflection.


Gabriel Ban (born in 1978 in Brasov, Romania, now also a U.S.A. citizen) studies Arts since the age of ten. In 2003, he earns a Bachelor degree at "George Enescu" University of Arts (Iasi, Romania) with a Major in Painting. Gabriel has been an active member of the Romanian Artists Union. In 2004 he moves to Michigan and continues working towards personal growing. In 2016 he moves back to Romania being able to give back to the place and people who formed him as an artist and individual. He feels it is important to share his global experiences with young artists from home, while acting as a liaison to the artist communities from abroad where he created long-lasting connections. Gabriel's experience is extended in oil paintings, photography, mural paintings, graphics, drawings, and music, having a great admiration for Impressionism, Post Impressionism, Expressionism, and Symbolism.


•2013-2015: Active member of Northville Gallery, 123 E Main Street, Northville, MI 48167, USA

•August 2014: awarded Third Place during Wixom Art Squared, part of The DIA's (Detroit Institut of Art)Inside/Out program, MI,USA

•2014: selected with one painting for  "The Very Thought of You" installation in Harmonie Park, Detroit, in collaboration with The Carr Center, MI, USA

•May - June 2014: Personal Art Display, Carr Center, Detroit, MI, USA

•Aug 11th -  Aug 26th 2012: Personal Art Show "Silent Journey of Lights", Tongue’s Coffee, Wyandotte, MI, USA

•2007 - 2008: Member of Artistokrat Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

•Philly Stir Fry Live – Alternative Space Exhibition, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

•June 3rd through Aug 3rd, 2008: Off the Wall Gallery – Go Figure Community Show, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

•2004 through 2005: Active member of Lawrence St Gallery – Ferndale, MI, USA

•Member of the Romanian Artists Union     


2012-2014: Photographer at Gemini II Studio  Photography, Detroit, Michigan, USA

2011: Substitute Art Teacher at the Arts Academy in the Woods, Fraser, Michigan, USA

2009: Photographer – Lifetouch Portrait Studios, Norriton, Pennsylvania, USA

2007-2008: Byzantine murals in Saint Lucas American-Romanian Orthodox Church, Buena, New Jersey, USA

2005: Painting icons in the altar of Descendant of Holy Ghost Romanian Orthodox Church, Warren, Michigan, USA

2001-2002: Victoria Gallery, Brasov, Romania - included one personal exhibit with oil on canvas paintings, graphics and photos

1997-2000: Transilvania Express - Newspaper - Brasov, Romania: working as a cartoonist and graphics designer, creating banners and advertising displays.

Technique used and dimensions of the artwork

  1. The Spring, ink on paper, 11x14 in
  2. On the other side, pencil on paper, 11x14in
  3. Street in Sibiu, oil on canvas, 18x24 in
  4. Street, oil on canvas, 18x24 in