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Elected Members: Keltoum BELAID, Nurcan DEJEAN-DOYDUK, Alla HEITZ, Olga KOSTENKO,Valentyna KRYVENKOVA, Sophie KURT, Cipriana MORARU, Ivi-Triin ODRATS, Bridget O'LOUGHLIN, Marie-Rose PREVOST,  Szilvia SIMOND.


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Le Printemps des Poètes : 17th day

Le Printemps des Poètes : 17th day

Calendar from 28/03/2022 to 28/03/2022

On this Monday 28 March, the 17th day of the "Printemps des Poètes", we share one of the favourite poems of our colleague, Sylvie BOLLINI.




The skin of a young girl

 flayed by greedy green fire

that wickedly freezes

the summer of childhood smiles

…Candyfloss cuddles

offers my grieving heart


The adolescent rose

violated by brutal axes

that soil with black seed

a soft desecrated thigh

…Candyfloss cuddles

offers my lacerated heart


The blue sky is torn apart

by hungry funeral wails

that chew up youthful hope

and spit out death

…Candyfloss cuddles

offers my tormented heart


Corollas die,

without their flowers blossoming,

moons blur

without slumbers resting,

mugginess wheezes

with fearful breaths, but…

Candyfloss cuddles

can my strong heart offer,

cuddles that are Words,

Words that are diamonds, compact,



courageous and daring,

diamonds of vowels and consonants,

pentagrams of syllables and verbs,

that can fly

above the green fire

of the torn air

and grab you by the


my candyfloss words

do not fear you,

because they love,

for you,

my candyfloss words

do not shudder

because they are not part of you…

On this sugar cloud of Love

will the dead children,

the raped young girls,

my choked world


These words of mine,

are not part of you,

they will shatter the leaden sky,

and find consonances in other worlds,

in other skies,

they will find alliances

in other sugar spaces

and those who feed on human flesh

will end up eating their own,

without candyfloss words

to feed on

they will greedily devour their brother


the World splits open

to swallow its stinking breath

and burn its evil essence

in its clean belly.



Flowers will bloom again

and in their petals

the children sacrificed will smile again,

moons will return

as queens of the night

and bless the longing thighs

of young girls in love,

minds will be warmed by the suns,

and the noble words of

all humans

will be candyfloss


…And finally,

eagles will return

to their lofty nests,

built on the celestial vaults

of Harmony.  


Milena Ercolani,

from the collection “Candyfloss cuddles”