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Finalists and winners in this year’s Strasbourg Write A Short Story Competition (SXB)

Finalists and winners in this year’s Strasbourg Write A Short Story Competition (SXB)

Calendar from 12/10/2020 to 31/10/2019

Good morning European School Community,

 The English Department would like to take this opportunity to bring you some good news by recognizing our students who were finalists and winners in this year’s Strasbourg Write A Short Story Competition (SXB). The results:

Under 18 Non-Native Speaker:

 Jakob Koradin (S7DE graduate) – Winner! Jakob won with a chilling and effective thriller called Paralyzed. We have a future Stephen King in the making.

 Lia Goldman (S7DE graduate) – Runner-Up.  Lia’s story entitled A Cab Ride at Night is about a surrealistic ride through London on many different levels: a ride through contemporary London, but also a ride through history, politics, culture and the mind.

Under 18 Native Speaker:

 Izabella Lannin (S7EN) – Winner! Izabella won with a darkly humoristic story called Welcome Back Eleanor Foster about a young girl who meets a bumbling, bureaucratic stranger who is the Grim Reaper.

 Zoe Hellyer (S7EN) – Runner-Up. The Sound of a Lonely Cry is a poetic and heart-rendering story of loss, regret and redemption that is wrapped in an aquatic, dream-like aura that is both unsettling and absolving.

 Inès Grozeva (S7EN) - Finalist Ines was a finalist with a taut and thrilling story called She’s Not Safe about a boy with ‘mother issues’ escaping from what seems to be a mental institution. Yet, all is not what it seems!

Congratulation to these students and to all those who entered. The competition is always stiff and therefore it is no small feat to be finalists, let alone winners, of this venerable competition. The English Department will once again be encouraging our students to write and craft stories for this year’s competition. What creative stories will come out of these strange and compelling times?

 If you would like more information about the competition or to order a copy of the stories, please consult their website:

 A copy of the book that compiles all the stories will be available in the Learning Centre soon. Again, a big congratulations to our five published authors!

 Kind regards,

The English Department