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Au boulot à vélo” challenge 2020

Au boulot à vélo” challenge 2020

Calendar from 04/06/2020 to 29/11/2020

The Amicale’s Green Section and Eurocyclos Section are excited to announce that the Council of Europe will be taking part in this year’s “Au boulot à vélo” challenge organised by the Eurométropole of Strasbourg and the CADR67 Association. The challenge was set up to encourage commuters to use environmentally friendly means of transport while keeping it fun.

How does it work?

1 Create a personal account under the Council of Europe team by clicking here: 

subscribe to the challenge.

2. Enter the number of km you cycle on your home to work commute and/or any other routes cycled for professional reasons on the “Au boulot à vélo” website or using the iOS/Android app.

NEW IN 2020

This year’s challenge will take place in three parts so you can enjoy biking while clocking up the km in three different seasons:

15 to 28 June 2020 – Summer period

Record your km and routes cycled during the summer.

31 August to 18 October 2020- Autumn period

Find as many of the 100 hidden markers as you can over the course of 6 weeks.

23 to 29 November 2020 – Winter period

Get your gloves on because every km covered in this 6 day period counts double.

Who can take part?

Any Council of Europe member of staff based in Strasbourg and in the field offices

Teleworking? Not a problem!

You can still take part in the challenge if you are teleworking in the summer period (15-28 June 2020). All you have to do is record any km you have covered on your bike during the day. HOWEVER, please note that to be included in your total, the number of km you record per day may not be more than your standard “home/work round trip” and must only be entered via the smartphone app.

Parking your bike

We encourage participants to use the parking spaces available around the various Council of Europe buildings, including the spaces along the side of the Orangerie park and on the Avenue de l’Europe.

link to the webpage “Ride a bike”:


This year again, we can all earn bonus km by taking part in new challenges set up by the event organisers. You can find out more about these challenges in the Rules & Regulations of Au boulot à vélo.

Recycling challenge

“Second life” week is back! CADR67 will be organisation a collection of bikes to be recycled from 5 to 15 October. Bonus km will be awarded to each organisation for every bike collected. If you would like to donate a bike, please send an e-mail to before 31 July 2020.

New in 2020: Bonus days

Rainy day challenge: Automatically double the km you cycle by taking part in the Rainy Day Challenge during the summer and winter parts of Au boulot à vélo 2020; CADR67 will decide which days qualify and the dates will be posted on your personal space on the website or app.

Mystery day challenge: Any km covered on Mystery day will be multiplied by 4. Mystery day is the day during the summer part on which the fewest participants used their bike. The actual date of the day will not be released until the end of the summer part of the Au boulot à vélo challenge.

Help and information for cyclists

Distribution of cycle path maps and information on the coup de pouce initiative and network:

2 June 12 h – 14 h Oberhausbergen, outside the mairie, 88 Route de Saverne – 67205 Oberhausbergen

4 June 12 h – 14 h outside the Cité de la musique et de la danse, 1 Place Dauphine – 67100 Strasbourg

9 June 12 h – 14 h Parking de la Capitainerie, 5 rue du Port du Rhin – 67000 Strasbourg

9 June 12 h – 14 h Pont des 2 rues – 67000 Strasbourg


This year’s participants will receive a shiny new reflective metallic number plate. More information on how to get your plate will be posted here soon.

So, on your bikes, get cycling and good luck to all!!