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Displaced Displaced Displaced

Tatjana BALAC - Displaced

Calendar Exposition du 10/10/2023 au 27/10/2023, à la galerie au bâtiment du Palais de l'Europe, espace B

Vernissage le 16/10/2023 17h, à la galerie au bâtiment du Palais de l'Europe, espace B

Lien vers le site de l'artiste : Site internet

Lien vers la galerie photo de l'artiste : Galerie

The latest exhibition entitled Displaced represents some sort of replenishment to the previous cycle, subtly reflecting itself in the new works. The authoress once again deals with the motifs of the refugee and migrant crisis, referring to the xenophobic rhetoric present in many mainstream media. In the effort to create a comprehensive picture of this global problem, she opens many questions alongside calling the public to commonly pursue for a possible solution. The exhibition contains works created in the period from 2020 to 2022. Tanja Balac deals with portraits of mute characters stuck in some imaginary space referring to the life and fate of refugees and exiles, while through their lost glances simultaneously reflects the picture of the society today . The expressions on their faces combine various issues related to the past and the future, exile and the military, indicating to the key elements of the concept: home; shelter; uncertainty; fear. The emphasis is on the concept of victim, on the individual and the family, against the social and the political issues, but also on the individual against the collective, and all this placed in the context of the global socio-political changes, marked by the refugee crisis.