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Inner heart flames
Inner heart flames Inner heart flames Inner heart flames

Katja BEDNARIK SUDEC - Inner heart flames

Calendar Exposition du 08/01/2024 au 02/02/2024, à la galerie au bâtiment du Palais de l'Europe, espace A

Vernissage le 08/01/2024 17h (invitation card bellow), à la galerie au bâtiment du Palais de l'Europe, espace A

Lien vers le site de l'artiste : Site internet

Lien vers la galerie photo de l'artiste : Galerie

Katja Bednařik Sudec works always depict simple yet non-definite motifs, she is inspired by nature, relationships, particularly in close and extended family, by respectful attitude to other humans and to nature. She is particularly focused on examining the role of contemporary women, her own and general femininity, entity and identity, old traditional patterns and values with regard to the role of women in society. There is also an intention to return to the essence of her own identity, to re-experience sensuality and femininity, and motherhood too (paintings Ode to pregnancy, Shelter, Ode to motherhood, Being a mother, Arrival, and others). Katja Bednařik Sudec explores her selected medium, various technical and technological possibilities, and innovatively uses different materials and procedures. She combines applying classic acrylic colour on canvas with other crafts skills, such as weaving, knitting, sowing, carving; she takes her own pictures of the things that are significant to her and transfers details and images into the image. Drawing as the most direct intimate application is always present, usually applied to a colourful canvas full of flowers, which are depicted using classical techniques, sown or embroidered. She sometimes pours epoxy raisin over the basic structure of the painting surface, and repeats this several times, then inserts in the gaps different things, object, photographs or prints, even transparent fabric, and most often Idrija bobbin lace made by professional lace makers following Katja’s drawings. A recognisable omnipresent feature of her works is the rose motif, which appears no matter what specific human figures or objects are depicted. (from text The Secret of Life by Nives Marvin) Katja Bednařik Sudec was born in 1979 in the town of Rakičan by Murska Sobota. She graduated from the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design in 2004, and received an MFA from the same institution in 2007. In February 2011, she completed her MA at the Art in Context Institute of the Berlin University of the Arts with her thesis entitled Mental Representation in Discourse about Art (Theory of Cultural Education and Art Mediation/Outreach / professional fields: art work in cultural institutions and art work in scientific and image-creating context). She has received scholarships from the Slovenian Ministry of Culture and Erasmus – Socrates fund, Zois Scholarship for gifted students, and the Student Prešeren Prize for Graphic Arts in 2003. She has also won the DAAD research grant, was nominated for the Essl Art Award and was a finalist of the Gesellschafter Art.Award, art-fair 21. She has continuously developed educational and outreach programmes at various institutions. Between 2011 and 2014 she led and developed educational programmes for vulnerable groups together with ŠKUC Society, which was supported by the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Culture. From 2016 - 2022 founder of Creative Bureau Cooperate. 2018/19 involved in project SKUM, University of Primorska In 2018, artist in residence in Vienna. 2019 grand prix ex-tempore Piran and ex tempore Bled. As an artist, she has exhibited in Slovenia and internationally.