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Secrétaire exécutive : Olga BALTAG

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Exposition d'art contemporain chypriote
Exposition d'art contemporain chypriote Exposition d'art contemporain chypriote Exposition d'art contemporain chypriote

Maria Vonniatou Tsambarta - Exposition d'art contemporain chypriote

Calendar Exposition du 09/01/2017 au 03/02/2017, à la galerie au bâtiment du Palais de l'Europe, espace Vitrines

Lien vers le site de l'artiste : Site internet

My name is Maria Voniatou Tsiambarta. I was born in Limassol, Cyprus, March 1973. My artistic tendencies were evident from childhood and this led me to study graphic design in Technical school, Limassol and then at Frederic University, Nicosia, Cyprus.

During a visit to Australia with my husband (a self-taught artist), we discovered the arts of stained glass and mosaics and on our way back we set-up our own studio in Larnaca and started working together specializing in these two techniques.

In 2005, after a visit to a glass exhibition in Germany we also discovered the art of fired glass. So we decided to enrich our work with this technique by importing two kilns from Germany.

We are artists who like to “mix and match” different techniques in our work, focusing on glass as a medium. Recently we also began to work with hot glass, making small pieces of artwork.

George especially likes to experiment with the combination of wood and glass (mostly old wood), making boats and other sea themed sculptures.

We would like to participate in this exhibition and gain new experience.

We think it’s a chance of a life-time and since it was given to us, we should take advantage of  it and show our work (and consequently Cyprus work) to a wider mass of people.