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President: Denis HUBER

Co-President: Nathalie VERNEAU

Vice-President: Ellen FOURNIER

Treasurer: Catherine GUERRERO

Executive Secretary: Renée MORITZ

Elected Members: Keltoum BELAID, Alla HEITZ, Bridget O'LOUGHLIN, Marie-Rose PREVOST, Eleni TSETSEKOU.


AGORA - Office A1.09V
+33(0)3 88 41 32 66



Du lundi au vendredi :

- de 9h30 à 12h30

- 14h00 à 17h00.

Offres Avantages

Table tennis

Table tennis

Want to vent some stress and do sports at the same time ? Come hit a small, innocent white ball at random colleagues smiling at you from across a table ?

Join the ASCE Table Tennis Section.

We play for fun and recreation – ALL levels accepted, FULL equipment provided, FREE membership and the FUN is guaranteed ! What else could you ask for !?

Place and time:
Thursdays from 12h 'till 14h30
@ the ASCE Room 2 - Palais
(Bastion building, service entrance of the COE, next to the official cars' garage.

Table Tennis Section

Wecome to the web presentation of the ASCE Table Tennis Section(TTS), also know as the Ping-Pong Section(PPS).

Here you will find the general information concerning our fun section as well the latest news, the available timeslots, our meetings and other useful content.

Introduction and Concept

Arising from the ashes like a phoenix, the TTS has been re-born in 2019. Stronger and more fun than ever, we are detirmined to keep on pushing forward: at least untill, like a phoenix, we die again in a show of flames and combustion (source: wikipedia) :D

Although sports are by nature competitive, the ASCE Table Tennis Section would like to emphasize that this is not our primary goal. Our motto would therefore be: “Fun first, competition a bit later” ;)

That said, nothing stops us from having both fun and competeing at the same time.


The section is to receive everyone who is willing to play the sport and enjoy the company, no matter of their level of play. As time goes on, the players will get better aquatinted with one another and everyone will find a fitting partner.

"Doubles" games are especially appreciated as the mixing of levels can bring around surprising results.


At our disposal we have 2 foldable tables of very good quality. New nets have been purchaised recently (March 2019).

We also have 10 rackets, 4 of which are intermediate/club level rackets for the "serious"players and 6 easy and forgiving beginner rackets for having great fun.

A box of balls, 4 racket sleeves and a racktet cleaning formulae completes our modest list of equipment.

The fact that we do have these rackets at our disposal, does not forbid our members from bringing their own "favorite" racket to the games. On the contrary, if you have yourown equipment, it's always good to play with it because you will get used to the same kind of racket and not have to change your style of play according to the racket currently available or assigned to you.

Contact and Mailinglist

Anyways, to cut the long story short please send us a message if you would like to join our section and be put on the mailing list.

Access conditions

To have paid the annual subscription to the Council of Europe Amicale
Free of charge (Amicale membership entitles holders to participate at no extra cost)


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Wednesday 13h10 – 14h30 – ASCE Room 3, Palais
Thursday 12h00 – 14h30 – ASCE Room 2, Palais

N.B. sports rooms of the Bastion building, access through the service entrance of the COE, next to the official cars' garage.

+ Tuesday 17h-19h30 – Euoropean Youth Center (after reservation)

More info on the "Where we play" page

Future timeslots

We are currently negotiating an additional evening time-slot to accommodate for our colleagues that can’t play during the lunch break.

Good weather

When the weather is good, nothing stops us from using the tables in the Orangerie park or both the room and park at the same time if we are many.

In charge for the Amicale

Djordje PROKIC
Fonction : El Presidente
Email : see COE e-directory
Phone : see COE e-directory


The Committee has not yet been determined. Even the function of "El Presidente" has been ceised without any democratic process. This should be rectified and a representatives of the TTS should be elected in the near future.