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Europe in Strasbourg

Amicale Office and Committee

  • President : Denis HUBER
  • Co-President: Nathalie VERNEAU
  • Vice-President : Sabrina WITTMANN
  • Treasurer : Catherine GUERRERO
  • Executive Secretary : Renée MORITZ
  • Elected Members : Keltoum BELAID, Anne GAREL, Janis SYMONS


AGORA - Office A1.09V

Open everyday 8 am to 12.45 pm/ 2 pm to 5 pm (except Wednesdays, closes at 3.30 pm)

Occasionally closed for meetings, events organisation and holidays

+33(0)3 90 21 54 95

Offres Avantages

Gym Suédoise

Gym Suédoise

Swedish Fit is a complete sport developed in collaboration with doctors, physiotherapists and osteopaths. Each session is structured in several sequences for an optimal stimulation of the cardiovascular system, muscles and joints preserving the physical integrity of every partecipant. Not to mention the balance and coordination exercises, recommended to maintain and strengtehn the psychomotor skills. The sequences are linked for maximum energy expenditure without exhaustion: warm-up movements, cardio exercises, muscles strengthening, active recovery, and finally stretching.

Access conditions

To have paid the annual subscription to the Council of Europe Amicale
Paying (see rates below – fees are charged in addition to the Amicale subscription)


You can freely participate to the classes on an Ad Hoc basis and buy your 7€ ticket directly when you particapate or purchase a 10 sessions booklet for 60€ (we prefer credit cards than cash) 


  • Thursday 5:15pm to
    6:15pm (not in the schedule for the moment)

In charge for the Amicale

Email :
Phone : 4479