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The Arts Club celebrates 50 years of activity within the Council of Europe

Calendar from 01/10/2021 to 31/12/2021

Founded by Keith Folca in October 1971, the Arts Club was aimed not only at the artistic field, but also at music, dance, theatre, poetry and other related activities. Initially, it organised annual 3–4-day exhibitions, open to the public and animated with concerts, plays, poetry readings. Over time, activities have focused on exhibitions of paintings and sculptures, photographs and other objects, in exhibition spaces provided by the Administration, featuring different artists from all walks of life sponsored by staff members each month, with opening days open to the public by invitation.

The Arts Club would like to thank the artists’ sponsors for their support, the volunteer members of the Club for their investment, as well as the Amicale for its support.

The Arts Club hopes to resume its activities as soon as the measures for welcoming the public allow it.