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Katalysart workshops: re'creation for all!

Katalysart workshops: re'creation for all!

Calendar from 08/09/2021 to 08/09/2022

You are a small group and dream of (re)starting to create?

While waiting to find the Katalysart workshops in your Amicale's programme, you are welcome to take advantage of these fun and friendly meetings in Strasbourg.
Kathleen Rousset, a versatile artist, welcomes beginners and amateurs from 5 to 105 years old, favouring techniques based on experimentation, letting go and surprise.
Gelli print (the workshop's flagship technique, halfway between painting and printing), transfer, engraving, cyanotype and collage are sure to open up joyful perspectives!
And you will produce a beautiful series of original creations, to be framed or given as gifts.

Weekly or fortnightly classes from 3-4 people.
+ workshops on request, for families, children's and adults' birthdays...

Information and reservations: / 06 20 21 13 19 / FB : @Katalysart / Instagram : kathleen_katalysart