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Face-to-face debate "From European to local: What renewable energies for tomorrow? "Monday 5 July 2021, starting at 6.30 pm

Face-to-face debate "From European to local: What renewable energies for tomorrow? "Monday 5 July 2021, starting at 6.30 pm

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Dear friends of the European Parliamentary Association,

We are delighted to invite you to our first face-to-face event since deconfinement.

On Monday 5 July 2021, starting at 6.30 pm, in our Villa

- 76 allée de la Robertsau Strasbourg - we will organise a conference-debate on the theme "From Europe to the local: What renewable energies for tomorrow? "which will be followed by a cocktail in our garden. This event is organised in collaboration with the Young Europeans of Strasbourg.

To participate in this meeting, it is imperative to confirm your presence by replying to this email.

Energy is an essential strategic issue for the future of our continent. How can we heat ourselves, move around and run our industries, while reducing our climate impact and our dependence on the rest of the world?

This is a cross-cutting challenge, which raises several questions and requires action at all levels of politics, from European to local. In order to fuel our reflection on this subject, we will have the pleasure of discussing with :

  • Christophe Grudler, MEP, Vice Coordinator for the Renew Europe group of the Industry, Research and Energy Committee. He is rapporteur for the European Parliament on the report on the integration of energy systems.
  • Marc Hoffsess, Deputy Mayor of Strasbourg in charge of the ecological transformation of the territory, agriculture, energy, monitoring of the climate plan, sectors of the future, support for the ecological transition of companies and the social and solidarity economy.

This event will take place within the framework of the Conference on the Future of Europe, an initiative launched in May in Strasbourg, which aims to invite citizens from all over the continent to share their ideas and thus contribute to building our common future.

Therefore, before the conference, which starts at 7pm, we will hold a series of workshops at 6.30pm, to discuss how this challenge affects our daily lives and to develop proposals and ideas that will be fed back to our speakers. These workshops will be facilitated by the Young Europeans of Strasbourg, who have recently done a lot of work on the topic of energy transition at the Y-FED Model European Federation.

If you wish to participate in the workshops, please come to the Association shortly before 18:30. Furthermore, for organisational reasons, we ask you to specify in your reply whether you are only attending the conference or whether you wish to participate in the conference and the workshops.

At the end of the conference, we will be happy to share with you a moment of conviviality around a cocktail in the garden of our Villa.

Wearing a mask will be compulsory throughout the conference and we will put in place a series of measures to ensure that the event is barrier-free.

We look forward to seeing you on this occasion and remain at your disposal for any further information.

We look forward to seeing you again.


Yours sincerly,


Managing Director

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