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Stay fit, 21th day

Stay fit, 21th day

Calendar from 30/04/2020 to 31/05/2020


Today's cardio fitness exercises have been prepared by Olivia Conrad.

Look carefully at the picture to adapt your position for each exercise.

Do 4 laps, with 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest per exercise: skater; mountain climber double; jumped squats; Russian leg curls; knee lift; spiderwoman plank.

1. Skater: 2

2. Mountain climbers double: make sure you watch your lower back on this exercise because you can tend to drop your hips by stretching your legs so your glutes and abs work out well.

3. Jumped squats.

4. Russian Leg curls:

You can pin your feet under a sofa or a very heavy piece of furniture (don't forget a towel or a carpet under your knees for comfort!)


5. Knee lift: the knew lift or knee lift consists of running on the spot; it’s a very effective cardio exercise that will also work your legs and abs. If you don't have room to run or the weather doesn't allow you to train outside, it can be a good substitute for sprinting. 

Start running on the spot with your knees high; Run on tiptoe; Swing the arm opposite the raised knee to keep the balance; Look ahead; Keep your back straight and contract the abs; Raise your knees with your abs, not leaning back.

Do not lean forward to raise your knees (you risk losing your balance); Do not lean back to raise the knees (you risk arching your back and injuring yourself); Do not look on the ground.


6. Spiderwoman plank technique: in plank position on the forearms, elbows below the shoulders, body aligned and sheathed: Bend one leg to the side and bring the knee towards your triceps (without touching the ground with your knee); Return the leg to the initial position; Alternate the movement on the other side. Notes: contract the abs and glutes; don't lower your hips; do not wiggle during movement; do not rotate the pelvis.


Well done for today! Stay fit and tuned to discover more cardio-fitness exercises on Monday.

Take good care of yourself and your families.