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Stay fit, 1st day!

Stay fit, 1st day!

Calendar from 19/03/2020 to 31/05/2020

Today's exercise is proposed by Olivia Conrad.

Start with 5 minutes of global warm up, starting'from your feet to your head.

Start with playing the ´Tabata songs' playlist on Deezer, YouTube or Spotify to have the perfect music rythm.

You can now start today's programme:

1. 15" (sec) abdominal sheathing, 5 push-up, 15" wall chair, 5 squats. Do this serie 8 Times. Take a 10 sec break between each.

2. Tabatas, Jumping Jack / Squats. 

3.  Tabatas, Mountain climber / abdominal sheathing.

Done for today💪🏽 tomorrow's exercises will be prepared by Nancy Nuttall- Bodin. Stay fit!