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Opening of the vote for selection of artists

Opening of the vote for selection of artists

Calendar from 15/06/2016 to 22/06/2016

The Arts Club is pleased to invite you to vote for your favourite artists from 15 to 22 June.  We take this opportunity to sincerely thank the 79 artists and their sponsors who have sent in their applications for an exhibition with the Arts Club in 2017.

This year, thanks to our new online selection process, the vote will take place exclusively online via a voting form created for us by the DIT, to whom we are very grateful.

This new procedure will allow you to access the voting form from your work station or from home 24/7.

If you change your mind you can re-initialise your vote until the 22 June deadline; each new vote cancels the preceding one.

Each voter will be asked to select between 4 and 20 artists in order to validate his/her vote.

A link on the voting form will allow you to see complementary information and images, as well as to access the artist’s website and/or portfolio.

Enjoy the vote!