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President: Denis HUBER

Co-President: Stanislas FROSSARD

Vice-President: TSETSEKOU Eleni

Treasurer: Catherine GUERRERO

Executive Secretary: Olga BALTAG

Elected Members: Keltoum BELAID, Alla HEITZ, Olga KOSTENKO,  Valentyna KRYVENKOVA, Sophie KURT, Ivi-Triin ODRATS, Bridget O'LOUGHLIN, Marie-Rose PREVOST, Sabine SABBAGH.


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Culture Amicale's events
Celebrating 75 Years of the Council of Europe: A Memorable Event
Celebrating 75 Years of the Council of Europe: A Memorable Event Celebrating 75 Years of the Council of Europe: A Memorable Event

Celebrating 75 Years of the Council of Europe: A Memorable Event

Calendar from 24/06/2024 to 14/07/2024

On June 14th, the Amicale hosted a landmark event to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Council of Europe. This special occasion, chaired by Denis Huber, President of the Amicale, featured a series of insightful speeches, performances, and testimonies that highlighted the rich history and significant achievements of the Council.

A Journey Through 75 Years of History

The event kicked off with an inspiring speech by Bjørn Berge, Deputy Secretary General, who opened the first part of the program titled “Historical walk through 75 years of the Council of Europe.” His remarks set the tone for an engaging exploration of the Council's past, present, and future.

One of the highlights of the event was the performance by the Amicale's theatre group, Tagora. They brought history to life by presenting speeches from key figures who have shaped the Council of Europe over the decades. This was complemented by moving testimonies from staff members who have served the organization, providing a personal touch to the historical narrative.

Reflections and Insights

Despina Chatzivassiliou, Secretary General of the Parliamentary Assembly, shared her reflections on the creation of the Assembly and its pivotal role within the Council.
Maria Tsirli, Registrar of the European Court of Human Rights, emphasized the significance of the European Convention on Human Rights and the Court's role as the judicial arm of the Council.
Mathieu Mori, Secretary General of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, also explained the vital role of the Congress in promoting local and regional democracy.
Ambassador Vesna Batistić Kos, the EU's Permanent Representative to the Council of Europe, highlighted the enduring partnership between the Council of Europe and the European Union.
Simona Granata-Menghini shed light on the impactful work of the Venice Commission.

Insights from External Offices

The event also featured contributions from colleagues in external offices, who connected online from their respective locations. Anne-Cécile Joubert (Head of the Paris office), Pilar Morales (Executive Director of the North-South Centre), Marcos Andrade (Deputy Head of Division at the European Youth Centre Budapest), and Nadia Cuk (Deputy Director of the CoE office in Belgrade) shared insights into their crucial work and the diverse initiatives carried out by the Council across different regions.

Addressing Current Challenges

The event also addressed contemporary issues, particularly the ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine. Borys Tarasyuk, the Ambassador of Ukraine, spoke passionately about the daily challenges faced by Ukrainians.
We also received a powerful video message from Maciej Janczak, Head of the CoE office in Kyiv, which you can view here.
Furthermore, Markiyan Kliuchkovskyi, Executive Director of the Register of Damage Caused by the Aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, joined online to discuss the Register's critical work and objectives.

A Timeless Journey

During the event, the "Stories in History" project was highlighted, featuring narratives that invite readers to journey through time and space via texts written by Council of Europe staff and notable figures such as ambassadors, parliamentarians, local and regional representatives, and judges of the European Court of Human Rights. Beginning in Strasbourg in 1949 and concluding in Paris in 2019 with the burning of Notre Dame, these stories span across Europe and beyond, reflecting on events that have shaped our history. Written in various styles, these texts cover themes like war and peace, violence and dialogue, and love and hate, offering personal insights into the human challenges we face and our collective ability to overcome them. Some authors presented their stories in person during the event, and we encourage you to read these compelling narratives through the link provided here.

The Festive Celebration

After the official part of the event, we were delighted to enjoy a second, more festive part of the celebration, that was enriched by the concert and the “verre de l’amitié,” creating a warm and convivial atmosphere for everyone.

Relive the Event

We invite you to relive this memorable event through our curated photo gallery and the recording of the proceedings. Click here to view the photos and here to watch the event recording. Join us in celebrating 75 years of the Council of Europe and looking forward to its future endeavors.

This celebration was not just a look back at the past but a reaffirmation of the Council of Europe’s dedication to human rights, democracy, and the rule of law. Here’s to many more years of impactful work and meaningful milestones!