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President: Denis HUBER

Co-President: Stanislas FROSSARD

Vice-President: TSETSEKOU Eleni

Treasurer: Catherine GUERRERO

Executive Secretary: Olga BALTAG

Elected Members: Keltoum BELAID, Nurcan DEJEAN-DOYDUK, Alla HEITZ, Olga KOSTENKO,Valentyna KRYVENKOVA, Sophie KURT, Cipriana MORARU, Ivi-Triin ODRATS, Bridget O'LOUGHLIN, Marie-Rose PREVOST,  Szilvia SIMOND.


PALAIS - Office 99
+33(0)3 90 21 54 95

Monday to Friday :
- 9:00 am to 12:30 am
- 14h00 to 17h00 pm

Disney in concert - reduced rates
Disney in concert - reduced rates

Disney in concert - reduced rates

Calendar from 12/10/2022 to 22/11/2022

The Staff Amicale is currently in contact with Europa-Park for the traditional children’s outing and a news item will be published in due course.

In the meantime,  the Amicale has been contacted by the organisers of the DISNEY EN CONCERT : Magical music from the movies tour and is ready to organise a group booking if any Amicale members* would like to treat their children to this outing. Please note, this is an offer for reduced-price tickets only.

The reductions proposed are the followings :

Category     Reduced Rate     Normal Price     

Carré or           54,00 €             64,00 €

Cat. 1              45,00 €              53,00 €

Cat. 2              37,00 €              42,00 €

Cat. 3              32,00 €              35,00 €

The concert will take place at the Strasbourg Zenith on Sunday 18 December (17:00 – approx. duration 2 hours). The songs will be performed in French. Further information, including directions to the Zenith, is available on the site:

Amicale members who wish to benefit from this offer should, by midnight on Friday 22 October:

  • send an e-mail to to indicate the number of tickets (identical prices for adults and children) and the category;
  • make a transfer for the total amount to the Amicale’s account (Beneficiary: Amicale du Personnel du COE - IBAN : FR76 3000 3023 6300 3500 4057 393 – BIC : SOGEFRPP) which must include “DISNEY + [surname, name] ” as the reason for the transfer.

At least 20 reservations are required for members to benefit from these reduced rates.

If demand exceeds the number of places reserved for the Amicale members (currently 20 seats in each category), tickets will be available on a first come, first served basis.

NB: The Staff Amicale is willing to make this offer available to its members but does not accept any responsability for this event, which is organised by a third party.

If the event is cancelled by the organisers (e.g. if there are new public health measures), tickets will be either be valid for the next event if it is rescheduled, or reimbursed. Tickets cannot be refunded for any other reason (members may wish to take out an insurance policy to cover cancellation for personal reasons, e.g. sick child).

* This offer is open to all Amicale members (contrary to the Europa-Park outing, which is limited to members who are staff members of the Council of Europe, Judges at the European Court of Human Rights or members of Diplomatic Missions).