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President: Denis HUBER

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DEBATE: A resilient Europe. What strategies for adapting to climate change? Wednesday 17 March, 7-7.45pm, on Zoom

DEBATE: A resilient Europe. What strategies for adapting to climate change? Wednesday 17 March, 7-7.45pm, on Zoom

Calendar from 17/03/2021 to 17/03/2021

Dear friends of the European Parliamentary Association,

We are pleased to invite you to a videoconference entitled "A resilient Europe. What strategies for adapting to climate change? " which will take place on Wednesday 17 March, from 7pm to 7.45pm, on Zoom.

To participate, just click on the link below on the day of the event:

Whether it is heat waves or droughts, forests decimated or coasts eroded by rising sea levels, climate change is already having serious consequences and an economic impact in France and Europe. Faced with this, it is no longer enough to act to mitigate the phenomenon. We must also improve our efforts to adapt to these changes. This is the objective of the European Commission's new strategy on adaptation to climate change.

What are the most important impacts of climate change in Europe and in France today? What role does the European Union play in efforts to adapt to the inevitable effects of climate change? What are the main adaptation and resilience solutions identified by the Commission's new strategy? What risks does our continent face in the coming decades without implementing effective adaptation strategies?

We will discuss this with :

- Catherine Chabaud, MEP from the Renew Europe group, she sits on the Committee on Development, the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety and the Committee on Fisheries. She is also a sailor, the first woman to complete a solo, non-stop round-the-world sailing race. She co-founded the Ocean and Climate platform and launched an initiative to have the ocean recognised as a common good of humanity.

- Sophie Roy, climatologist at Météo France Nord-Est. For Météo France, she leads the Clim'Ability programme, a series of studies and actions at the level of the Upper Rhine to help companies adapt to global warming.

I hope to see you at this meeting.

Yours sincerely


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