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The first legislature of the European Parliament

The first legislature of the European Parliament

Calendar the 11/03/2019

With Sylvain Schirmann (Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Strasbourg, former Director of the Institute of Political Studies in Strasbourg), and Birte Wassemberg (Professor of Contemporary History of International Relations at the Institute of Political Studies in Strasbourg) Strasbourg) What does the election of the European Parliament mean by universal suffrage? The first legislature of the elected assembly has three major effects. It brings legitimacy to the European Parliament and thus positions it as a key political player in the construction of Europe. The assembly, because of its new status, is gradually adopting modes of operation and expression that allow the emergence of a parliamentary culture different from the previous assembly and national parliaments. This parliament appointed by the Europeans now also has to assert the voice of citizens and therefore must assert itself against the other community institutions.

Monday, March 11 | 18h30 | Auditorium