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Exhibition "Complicities : Frida and Diego"

Exhibition "Complicities : Frida and Diego"

Calendar the 06/09/2018

The Permanent Mission of Mexico is glad to invites you to his exhibition “Complicities: Frida and Diego”. The inauguration of the exhibition will take place Thursday 6 September at 5 pm at the Agora building’s main entrance.

In 1922, Diego Rivera painted the fresco "La création" at the Ecole Nationale Préparatoire and met Frida Kahlo. Fed by the same tradition, united in their commitment to make art a means of social transformation, the course of Frida and Diego mixes common public activities and distinctly strong creative processes. The search for an aesthetic based on the Mexican national identity, their passion for pre-Columbian art and forms of popular creativity, their activism in education, their mutual friends, are all elements that build the complicities throughout a shared life.

This exhibition aims to show the extreme closeness of the couple in the social, political and cultural context of Mexico in the first half of the 20th century. Clichés taken by anonymous or recognized photographers, at key moments of their eventful lives, trace their political commitment and artistic aspirations.