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President: Denis HUBER

Co-President: Stanislas FROSSARD

Vice-President: TSETSEKOU Eleni

Treasurer: Catherine GUERRERO

Executive Secretary: Olga BALTAG

Elected Members: Keltoum BELAID, Alla HEITZ, Olga KOSTENKO,  Valentyna KRYVENKOVA, Sophie KURT, Ivi-Triin ODRATS, Bridget O'LOUGHLIN, Marie-Rose PREVOST, Sabine SABBAGH.


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Culture Arts Club


Thomas DUSCH - Architektüre

Calendar from 08/01/2018 to 02/02/2018

Description of the exhibition:

Over time, contemporary architecture, an essential factor in urban planning, has developed a more aesthetic and graphic appearence.

Outlines, perspectives and the diversity of materials used (glass, concrete, metal, wood) are all sources of inspiration for my photoraphic work.

An essential element of my compositions is a constant human presence within an urban environment, highlighting life in motion inside a static space.

A substantial number of my images ... Read more »

Ingrid Rodewald - Constructions

Ingrid Rodewald - Ingrid Rodewald - Constructions

Calendar from 08/01/2018 to 02/02/2018

Ingrid Rodewald – Constructions

Ingrid Rodewald's exhibition "Constructions" is a series of urban collages on canvas frames ideally suited to the setting of the Council of Europe. Of German extraction, Ingrid Rodewald has been living in Strasbourg for several years. She is a professional artist who has had regular exhibitions in the galleries and museums of France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico and Dubai. Her collages are constructed from today's advertising posters, the matter ... Read more »

An artist's view of Haiti and beyond

Alix Desdunes - An artist's view of Haiti and beyond

Calendar from 08/01/2018 to 02/02/2018

Description of the work: Paintings over a lifetime of travels in Haiti and France. Artist's biography: Alix Desdunes was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in 1951. At the age of 17, he settled in the United States, where he earned his Bachelors of Arts in 1975 (Gettysburg College, Pennsylvania). He now lives in France. See full biography in attachment. Techniques used: acrylic and watercolour, on canvas and on paper Dimensions of the artwork: variable (from 35x27cm to 54x46cm)

Noeuds Papillon Atelier Cerbu

Stanciu Constantin-Ciprian - Noeuds Papillon Atelier Cerbu

Calendar from 08/01/2018 to 02/02/2018

STANCIU Ciprian is the creative mind and founder of Atelier Cerbu, a company offering a wide range of bow ties.

The idea behind Atelier Cerbu appeared as a result of his passion for the British style and led to designing colourful bow ties made from the finest materials such as velvet or leather, carefully created with respect and attention to provide customers the pleasure to wear unique products.

Just a year after cutting a shirt in order to create the first bow tie, his creations are worn ... Read more »

Façon de fer

Judith Eisele - Façon de fer

Calendar from 12/01/2018 to 02/03/2018

De formation technique et mécanique, Jean Eisele a basculé du côté de l’art en reprenant, en 1996, une ancienne ferronnerie. Avec le temps, l’attrait pour la métallerie, proposant plus de possibilités, a évincé celui pour la ferronnerie. Retraité en 2014. Photo No 1 Vénus de Milo- dimensions (en mm) 550 x 450 x 2100 Photo No 2 Coupé Ventoux - dimensions (en mm) 450 x 250 x 180 Photo No 3 Solidarité - dimensions (en mm) 500 x 200 x 1800 Photo No 4 Astres - dimensions (en mm) 600 x ... Read more »

Beauty is everywhere

Edgar Malkhasyan - Beauty is everywhere

Calendar from 05/02/2018 to 02/03/2018

I am a fashion illustrator and i use everyday objects to make dress designs on hand drawn models. My inspiration is everywhere and i want to show people that everything has beauty

Mystery of doors

Alexandra Khatuntseva - Mystery of doors

Calendar from 05/02/2018 to 02/03/2018

What do you see? Take your time, let your imagination wander beyond what your eyes see. Walking along the city streets you notice the doors, big and smalls, modern and old, simple and decorated, coloured or not. Are these just doors? Or they embrace the history of the city and many generations of inhabitants living behind them, unaware that at this exact moment you stay and gaze at their doors and feel the pace and breath of their lives. Paris, Rome, Lisbon, Antwerp … Doors as living city faces. ... Read more »

Women in art for Peace

Women in Art for Peace Les Femmes dans l'Art pour la Paix - Women in art for Peace

Calendar from 05/02/2018 to 02/03/2018

International Program
‘Women in Art for Peace’ 2017-2018

The international art and peace program ‘Women in Art for Peace’ is organised by Europe’s Art in partnership with the International Peace Institute and Artwed. ‘Women in Art for Peace’ will raise awareness about the importance of women’s participation in peacebuilding and peacekeeping through a series of:

  • Art exhibitions of the leading contemporary and emerging female artists from countries which are or have been
  • ... Read more »
Crimea Peninsula

Leonid Leontyev - Crimea Peninsula

Calendar from 05/02/2018 to 02/03/2018

Leonid Leontyev, living in Moscow, Russia, studied philosophy in the university back in his home town Yekaterinburg, but his passion for drawing which he had since childhood prevailed in adulthood but in a bit different manifestation – he became a photographer. For many years in a row Leonid went to Crimea to take pictures of the legendary KaZantip electronic music dance festival, and afterwards he travelled along the peninsula with a film camera. Eventually what he shot in his spare time for ... Read more »

Beauty & Decay

Olivier Deluol - Beauty & Decay

Calendar from 05/03/2018 to 29/03/2018

The aim of this project is to run our imagination, about the past and the future of abandoned places. What are we going to find behind each of these doors? An empty space or some traces of a glorious past?

ANNE MAÏ Jewelry – The little touch is essential

Anne Maï Pinel - ANNE MAÏ Jewelry – The little touch is essential

Calendar from 05/03/2018 to 29/03/2018

Anne Maï is Eurasian. Since childhood, she has had a passion for jewellery, blending eras and cultures.

Her materials come from around the world, some are antique, vintage... : she likes to marry her semi-precious stones (lapis lazuli, onyx, agate, carnelian, jasper ...), baroque pearls, coral, exotic wood, resin, crystal, rhinestone and vintage glass paste, to make timeless creations. Her jewellery is colourful, simple and elegant to wear all day without restrictions!

For her, jewellery, ... Read more »

Metamorphoses of Light

Andrei MUDREA - Metamorphoses of Light

Calendar from 05/03/2018 to 29/03/2018

Description of the exhibition: The "Metamorphoses of Light" exhibition represents a new stage of the artist's creation and introduce modern abstractions created in an absolutely new technique and stylistics, also preserving the bright and vivid chromatic range characteristic of the painter's last decade works. His paintings are of an unexpected freshness, a pure explosion of light, on different form and composition. Through this exhibition the artist is willing to bring something new, ... Read more »

Blossom: the life in color

Ganna Kryvolap - Blossom: the life in color

Calendar from 05/03/2018 to 29/03/2018

The serie “Blossom” contains paintings produced in technic of oil on canvas. Part of the paintings are 50-50 size and part are 100-100 and there is also one painting with the size of 150-150. They were made during last 2 years and were exhibited in April 2017 in Myronova gallery in Kyiv Ukraine. Serie Blossom is a symbol of Renaissance, new life in colour. It is a also a colourful resemblance of the Ukrainian traditional necklace.

Photographie de Rue - Observer les Hommes vivre

KAM Julien - Photographie de Rue - Observer les Hommes vivre

Calendar from 03/04/2018 to 27/04/2018

Observer les Hommes vivre, capter leurs émotions sur le vif, les instants éphémères, immortaliser la vie quotidienne, partager une intimité publique... Pour le passionné de « street photo » ou photographie de rue que je suis, admirateur du travail d’Henri Cartier-Bresson et bien d’autres, être photographe à Strasbourg est une réelle aubaine tant cette ville est éclectique, bouillonnante, multiculturelle, et multi-générationnelle. La rue est pour moi, photographe, un terrain de ... Read more »

Shota Leladze -

Calendar from 03/04/2018 to 27/04/2018

Shota Leladze was born in Georgia in 1955. He pursued his higher education at the Institute of Arts and Crafts in Kharkov, Ukraine, and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tbilisi, at the Faculty of Painting, Cinema and Theatre. He then worked at the Tbilisi Opera, the Kutaisi Opera and the National Puppet Theatre as a stage decorator. He also collaborated with the satirical magazine « Crocodile » as a caricaturist.

Following numerous successful exhibitions in Georgia and Russia, ... Read more »

The Tale of Absheron

ANAR HUSEYNZADE - The Tale of Absheron

Calendar from 03/04/2018 to 27/04/2018

Each of my paintings, executed in modern style, contains traditional elements, such as patterns, ornaments, and kelagai. I like to mix ancient and modern to produce an original and interesting synthesis. One of my favourite subjects I often refer to is the theme of wise men and shamans, shrouded in mysticism. All the heroes I create are fictitious, but I know that the people depicted in them lived a righteous life, and at the end of the path knew wisdom and realized the meaning of life.

Le chant des icônes

Krassimir Kostadinov - Le chant des icônes

Calendar from 03/04/2018 to 27/04/2018

Krassimir Kostadinov est iconographe et restaurateur. Il est né, vit et travaille à Sofia - Bulgarie. Il est diplômé de l'Académie Nationale des Beaux-arts à Sofia. Il a fait de nombreuses expositions individuelles d’iconographie originale et de copies de musées (Prague, Mainz, Vienne, Berlin, Sofia, Varna). Dans l’iconographie bulgare moderne ainsi que l’art de Krassimir, la planche de l’icône est en noyer, frêne, merisier et pin, les peintures sont des pigments végétaux ... Read more »



Calendar from 02/05/2018 to 01/06/2018

Proposed exhibition Title : “This is the End” Artist: Jon Kraja , Albanian ( b. 1970) My Painting – My Perfume : my painting is an emotional load that pours over canvas, it’s a shiver frozen in time. My painting never ends as long as I’m alive. She is my life charged with meaning and misunderstanding, it is my unconscious that astonishes me with its instinct. She is my penance, she is the string that keeps tied my heaven and hell. It is love and not everyone can see it.” — Kraja

Descending ... Read more »

Bijoux Kikou&Co

Hélène Portalis - Bijoux Kikou&Co

Calendar from 02/05/2018 to 01/06/2018

Créatrice de bijoux en argile synthétique (pâte polymère), matière légère et originale. Chaque pièce est faite main et unique.

Interculturalité et création artistique

CARLOS + Emeline LLAS-RIBES - Interculturalité et création artistique

Calendar from 02/05/2018 to 01/06/2018

Le peintre graveur Carlos Llas Ribes présente son oeuvre couvrant une moitié de siècle à travers l’Europe et le monde, dont plus de 20 ans de création en Auvergne. Carlos Llas Ribes ne cesse de garder une approche réelle autant que poétique des gens qui l’entourent. Il a étudié les Beaux-Arts à Varsovie dans les années 60, entouré de professeurs prestigieux tels que Artur Nacht-Samborski (professeur en peinture), Stanislaw Szczepanski (professeur en dessin et peinture), et Paolo ... Read more »

Sous-marines sur tôles

Sophie Richard - Sous-marines sur tôles

Calendar from 04/06/2018 to 29/06/2018

Après avoir travaillé le portrait en teintes chaudes, sous diverses formes et divers supports, bois, toiles, papiers, Sophie Richard a voulu explorer un autre univers, froid, celui de la mer. Pour exploiter de façon optimale cette impression, elle utilise le métal comme support. Ses propriétés fluctuantes permettent de faire varier la lumière et les reflets, en fonction de l’angle de vue, comme dans le monde marin. Elle associe au travail de la matière ‘’tôle’’ (griffures, meulage, ... Read more »

Deine Flucht - Entrée de secours

Frédéric Mougenot - Deine Flucht - Entrée de secours

Calendar from 04/06/2018 to 29/06/2018

Robert Brack & Frédéric Mougenot Deine Flucht- Entrée de secours Une exposition franco-allemande à partir de témoignages de migrants (textes et photos) Entre 2014 et 2016, la ville état de Hambourg accueille près de 40 000 réfugié(e)s d'origines diverses. Au printemps 2015, Frédéric Mougenot, photographe français installé à Hambourg, effectue pour le compte du Altona Magazin un reportage d’une vingtaine d’images sur les structures d’accueil des migrants dans la ville ... Read more »

Un reflet de nous

David ZELLER - Un reflet de nous

Calendar from 04/06/2018 to 29/06/2018

Le Flexo : un personnage neutre, à la silhouette unique, se voulant le support de ses recherches sur les attitudes et le mouvement. Zed estime en effet “qu’il est possible de retranscrire toutes les émotions, de tout dire, juste à travers une gestuelle”. Par ses postures variées, le Flexo incarne son désir de saisie du multiple, du geste dans sa fluidité : “Tour à tour amoureux, contemplateur, audacieux ou insolent, chaque Flexo est un reflet de nous”. Impossible à mouler industriellement, ... Read more »

Scénographies urbaines

Tomasz Bogdan - Scénographies urbaines

Calendar from 04/06/2018 to 29/06/2018

Tomasz Bogdan, photographe et graphiste.

France, Pologne.

Exposition d'une dizaine de photographies couleurs de paysages urbains européens (Pays Bas, Belgique, France, Pologne, etc.).

Photographie 30 cm x 30 cm.

Tomasz Bogdan est un jeune photographe et graphiste franco-polonais qui travaille depuis une dizaine d'années entre les deux pays où il vit et dans le reste de l'Europe où il voyage. Il est fortement influencé par les milieux d'architectes et de peintres dans ... Read more »

Arevik Karapetyan -

Calendar from 02/07/2018 to 31/08/2018

Arevik Karapetyan is an Armenian artist currently based in Strasbourg. She is specialised in floral art since 2010 and started her career in Yerevan, Armenia. Her compositions are interesting mixture of paintings and flowers that complement the paints in an interesting and unique way. She also makes art collages from domestic items that are original interpretations of different actual problems. She had number of exhibitions in Armenia and in Strasbourg and passed trainings in Spain and Portugal.


Ankitsa Vlasik - PROMENADE

Calendar from 03/09/2018 to 28/09/2018

As author of the works titled as PROMENADE, I felt entitled to get away from my previous art expression. Impulsively adding recognizable elements and faces, I went for a Promenade or a walk through the environment which gave me so much of a pleasure. Searching for the art within, I always relate my art expression in parallel with the environment. The subject matter of this selection of works of art is a ‘’walk through life stories.’’ I always get inspired by everyday life’s habits, and ... Read more »


eL Seed - AquareLSeed

Calendar from 03/09/2018 to 28/09/2018

eL Seed’s intricate calligraphic compositions call not only on the words and their meaning but also on their movement, which ultimately lures the viewer into a different state of mind. TED Fellow since 2015, he works primarily with subjects that seem contradictory, his art reflects the reality of mankind and the world we live in today. eL Seed installed his work on public spaces, galleries and institutions on every continent. From the streets of Paris and New York, to the Favelas of Rio Di Janeiro ... Read more »


Patrick L'hermite - IMAGINE

Calendar from 03/09/2018 to 28/09/2018


Il est un atelier, non loin de la grange de Meslay près de Tours, ou vit un artiste appareillé de pinceaux et teintes fluos, il y règne un monde d’images mouvantes, entrelacements de formes et contre-formes, de détails hétéroclites se superposant sur des toiles en un collage « harmonique », Êtres et objets divers tournoient, transposés dans des espaces labyrinthiques et des symboles chamarrées, échos d'une sphère imaginaire, Et la peinture s'anime, ... Read more »

31st Street

31 Julien JOVANOVSKI - 31st Street

Calendar from 03/09/2018 to 28/09/2018

This photographic exposition highlights the smallness of the human being faced with the immoderation of his creation, captured during one of my trips to Manhattan, New York. The use of black and white accentuates the lines, details, and add some strength to the photos. It was taken at the Ultra Wide Angle, on a Canon 5d Mark III full frame camera.

Chantal Comtet - Véronique Salanon - Regard croisé

Chantal et Véronique COMTET SALANON - Chantal Comtet - Véronique Salanon - Regard croisé

Calendar from 01/10/2018 to 28/10/2018

A match made in jewelry: two friends who share the same passion that of working with polymer dough to create jewellery of such brightness and joyfulness that you cannot fail to feel the pleasure and enjoyment Chantal and Véronique get from their creation. Indeed, having fun creating this jewellery is the very essence of this range, bright and with infinitely variable colours. Chantal’s inspiration comes simply from everything that catches her eye, whether in her garden in Provence, her close ... Read more »

Versant animal

Christiane Schaeffer Cinqualbre - Versant animal

Calendar from 01/10/2018 to 26/10/2018

« Le bestiaire de Christiane frappe par son originalité. Il ne ressemble pas à celui de Guillaume Apollinaire, inspiré des toiles de Picasso, encore moins à celui de la cathédrale de Strasbourg, tout de pierres roses. En quelques traits colorés et sûrs, Christiane suggère l’attitude, la course ou la fuite de ses modèles animaux, en fait leur vie tout simplement. Ils n’ont pas d’épaisseur physique, tracés sur des calques, mais une présence bien réelle, une épaisseur bien « vivante ... Read more »

Mechthild Wallrath-Karcher: Sculpture RAKU

Mechthild Wallrath-Karcher - Mechthild Wallrath-Karcher: Sculpture RAKU

Calendar from 01/10/2018 to 28/10/2018

Mechthild Wallrath-Karcher: Je suis familiarisée depuis de longues années au travail avec l’argile. L’homme est au centre de mes intérêts artistiques. C’est dans le corps humain, torse ou membre, en mouvement ou au repos, que je trouve les formes d’expression des émotions. Le travail avec les mains, le façonnage et la conception, la concrétisation d’une idée sous une forme plastique, constituent pour moi à la fois une motivation et un défi à relever. La technique la plus passionnante ... Read more »

Nature and imagination - two ways of art

Artur Janicki - Nature and imagination - two ways of art

Calendar from 01/10/2018 to 26/10/2018

The title of the exhibition perfectly shows what I think is the most important in my work and in art generally. Nature and imagination – these two realities – the outside, objective one and the artist's inside, intimate world, they penetrate each other and appear in my paintings with various intensity. Sometimes the imagination dominates, as in the paintings of the series "The images of space", sometimes nature, when I paint real landscapes, admiring the play of light on the clouds, trees ... Read more »

Laurence Whitfield, a retrospective

Laurence Whitfield - Laurence Whitfield, a retrospective

Calendar from 01/10/2018 to 26/10/2018

Laurence Whitfield is a distinguished elder British artist living in the Neckar Valley, about a hundred kilometres from Strasbourg. An abridged version of his biography is attached. The work for exhibition includes paintings, drawings, collages and sculptures and has been selected to allow an appreciation of his work in various media and formats. Photo 1. Meurtre d’Abel. One of a series of 51 collages transcribing the biblical illustrations of Strasbourg-born Gustave Doré into a hypermodern context. ... Read more »

Fables Urbaines

Daniele MARCOALDI - Fables Urbaines

Calendar from 01/10/2018 to 28/10/2018

Artiste italien originaire de Rome, Daniele MARCOALDI, s’affiche sous multiples facettes, il aime traiter différents styles de dessin, et il est en quête permanente de nouvelles techniques. De par sa formation en informatique, il approche en particulier le graphisme vectoriel, dont il apprécie la simplicité des formes et la possibilité de traiter des détails infiniment petits. Ces aspects font partie intégrante de son style, et donnent vie à des illustrations simples mais avec une attention ... Read more »

Faces and Bodies from Africa

Roger Blé Aimé - Faces and Bodies from Africa

Calendar from 29/10/2018 to 23/11/2018

Aimé Roger Blé, born on 2 December, 1969, in the Ivory Coast, is a sculptor whose artistic practice is part of figurative and expressive art. It is inspired by the pre and post-colonial aesthetics of the African continent. From 1991, after training at the Institute of Arts in Abidjan, under the direction of René Ayebi, Aimé Roger Blé learned modeling and mould making.

After his studies, he decided to go to Italy to learn about the fusion of bronze. Between 1993-1997, he began his ... Read more »

Peintures et imprévus récents

Sylvie Bénard - Peintures et imprévus récents

Calendar from 29/10/2018 to 23/11/2018

Les choses ne se passent jamais comme prévu ! Mais ce sont ces petits accidents et surprises qui, lorsqu’ils ne mettent pas tout par terre, donnent au dessin son côté vivant et léger. Ce sont ces imprévus que j’aime essayer d’attraper quand je peins et qui, en plus du plaisir très direct et concret d’étaler et mélanger les couleurs sur la toile, me donne envie de recommencer sans cesse. Ces œuvres ont été faites d’après photos ou peintures dont le thème me touche. Cela me ... Read more »

Infusion of joy/Une perfusion de bonheur

Jelena Blecic - Infusion of joy/Une perfusion de bonheur

Calendar from 29/10/2018 to 23/11/2018

JELENA BLECIC, a painter and designer was born in 1974 in Belgrade, where she currently lives and works as an artist, a Docent at the Academy of Fine Arts and Multimedia (PhD candidate, scholarship by the State of Mexico) and Associate Dean for Marketing. Being interested in applied art, she has founded and became artistic director of the project “Fun Fan”. Jelena Ble?i? has played an active part in the world of arts and paintings in the Balkans for more than 20 years. She held over 15 individual ... Read more »


Cécile Duchêne Malissin - Présences

Calendar from 29/10/2018 to 23/11/2018

Travail sur toile ou papier, de divers formats (A4 jusqu'à 1,50m) - Technique mixte alliant acrylique, pastel, encre, mine de plomb sur toile en partie marouflée ou papier épais. Partant généralement du vivant (être humain, animal) j'extrapole pour chacun un monde onirique qui lui est propre.

Terres vaporeuses, voyage entre matière et imaginaire

KARINE GOLDBERG - Terres vaporeuses, voyage entre matière et imaginaire

Calendar from 26/11/2018 to 20/12/2018

Présentation du travail de la céramiste Karine Goldberg autour d'un choix de céramiques contemporaines, conçues, façonnées, décorées et cuites dans son atelier à Pantin (93). Mêlant les destinations traditionnelles, l'adaptation de l'objet à son usage, et la composition inspirée par les palettes de peintres impressionnistes, ces oeuvres proposent une liberté du regard, une multitude d'effets de lumières et de couleurs où le voyage s'invite. L'objet devient ... Read more »



Calendar from 26/11/2018 to 20/12/2018

Photographies réalisées sur le site de la raffinerie de Reischstett sur un an entre 2015 et 2016. Format 40 x 60 cm sur plaque alu. 3 expositions en 2016 dont une à Drummondville au Québec dans le cadre d'une résidence d'artiste. Expositions antérieures sur l'Alsace et à Gerona en Espagne dans le cadre des nouvelles tendances de la photographie, conjointement à la sculpture, la peinture et la vidéo. L'année suivante, exposition à Cadaquès à l'occasion de l'anniversaire ... Read more »

Toi et moi

Ozden Dora Clow - Toi et moi

Calendar from 26/11/2018 to 20/12/2018

Je travaille essentiellement sur textile ou sur un papier en fibre de coton recyclé, qui se rapproche du textile, que je prépare à la gouache, à l’aquarelle, à l’encre ou à l’acrylique. Broder est un geste, un rituel qui ancre dans le temps présent tout en ouvrant la porte à la rêverie. C’est avec l’aiguille que je rassemble et que je construis et c’est avec le fil que je donne du corps à l’histoire qui veut être dite.

Chemins de l'enfance

Lenny Dumas - Chemins de l'enfance

Calendar from 26/11/2018 to 20/12/2018

Description des 4 tableaux presentés ci-dessous: Le grand départ, techniques mixtes, 120 X 40 cm La lecture, techniques mixtes, 60 X33 cm Le rendez-vous, techniques mixtes, 60X33 cm Jeune pousse, techniques mixtes, 58X40 cm