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Ulla Leis - Musenkuss

Link to the artist's website : Website

Having had homes in different places makes it difficult for me to answer the question of where I think of as “home”. Berlin strongly influenced my way of thinking and expressing myself. Nevertheless I like to speak and write the idiom of Frankfurt and its surroundings, namely “Hessisch”. In France I found the inspiration for French chansons. All over the world I find old stuff that can be transformed into some objet d’art. Jamaica is my special place to relax. My range of creative activities is thus rather wide. Whatever I do, it is always important for me – whenever possible - to give my works a touch of humour. I am only very rarely completely serious. I was born in Frankfurt am Main, enjoyed my childhood in a little village in the Spessart mountains, and spent my teenage years back in Frankfurt. I travelled through Germany and its neighbouring countries by bicycle, and studied languages and sociology at university in Frankfurt and Berlin. Only once marriage and children had been "ticked off”, did art – lying in the genes of my family – take hold of me. In 1979 I chose to live my life as a freelance artist, working at that time with ceramics in my studio in Berlin. Later, all manner of creativity exploded and I started painting, creating objets d’art out of old stuff, doing photography, writing songs – the latter arising out of my earliest passion in life, poetry. Sometimes I explore a theme in visual art, text and melody. I have phases of either painting or writing or, or... Right now the emphasis lies on digital works. Finding myself thus versatile, I felt I was "kissed by the muses" and chose MUSENKUSS as my brand name, which has been registered as a label for my different kinds of art since 1996. Meanwhile, I also use it as my artist's name, which is registered in my passport. I work in Sachsenhausen (Frankfurt’s quartier latin) and in my childhood village in the Spessart mountains, and not least in my bolthole in the mountains of Westmoreland, Jamaica. Over the years I have had exhibitions and performances in cities such as Berlin, Frankfurt, Beijing, Paris and Nice, but Strasbourg would be a - very welcome! - first. Artworks submitted herewith measure 80 x 80 cm and 100 x 75 cm