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The power of art in diplomacy
The power of art in diplomacy The power of art in diplomacy The power of art in diplomacy

Nathalie Fernandes - The power of art in diplomacy

Calendar Exhibition from 04/03/2024 to 28/03/2024, at the gallery in the Palais de l'Europe, space A

Private view the 27/03/2024 17h à 19h, at the gallery in the Palais de l'Europe, space A

Link to the artist's website : Website

Link to the artist's photo gallery : Galery

Nathalie Fernandes, known under the artist name Natys, is a talented French painter born in Besançon on December 15, 1971, to parents of Portuguese origin. She spent most of her childhood in Haut-Doubs, more precisely in Morteau. After completing her studies, Nathalie followed her path in the world of high-end jewelry and watchmaking.

She built a successful career in Switzerland, where she created numerous prestigious jewelry pieces and luxury watches for eminent, recognized international groups.

In 2020, living in Charquemont, a town renowned for its community of artisan artists, Nathalie made a bold decision by devoting herself entirely to painting on canvas. His first works were a tribute to his family, his loved ones and his former colleagues. At the same time, she used her immense experience in the fields of jewelry and luxury watchmaking to enrich her new artistic passion. His work with noble materials for 30 years, his attention to detail and his dexterity have nourished his artistic inspiration.

Endowed with great sensitivity and a remarkable photographic memory, the artist Natys paints with passion and a lot of emotion. His creations, modern and original, are the fruit of his immense creativity. Due to her demanding professional experience, Nathalie pays particular attention to the finishes of her works, which results in an exceptional result. She has also developed a particular affection for decorating interiors with her works or on commission, thus offering a highly appreciated service to those looking for a unique artistic touch to beautify their spaces.

The nickname "Natys" is a combination of Nathalie and her two precious daughters Cynthia and Andréa, symbolizing the family bond that inspires her every day.

Nathalie Fernandes, aka Natys, is an accomplished cross-border painter whose captivating work continues to enrich the art world.