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Gaelle Jacques - DUALITY

Calendar Exhibition from 04/02/2019 to 01/03/2019, at the gallery in the Palais de l'Europe, space A

Private view the 04/02/2019 17h30, at the gallery in the Palais de l'Europe, space A

Link to the artist's website : Website

Link to the artist's photo gallery : Galery

The Artist: Fritures de style

Biography of the artist: Fritures de style is a project of creations of poetic and artistic nuances (photography, green art, writing ...) which puts at the heart of his reflection the poetry of everyday life. Fritures de style wants to make sense of the moment and stimulate the senses that it helps to awaken. To photograph is for the artist to experience the pleasure of being alive and to transmit this desire in turn to the person who looks at his work. The ephemeral and the "non retouching" of his clichés are at the heart of his biases. "Nature decides to give me or not! Just open your eyes to the infinitely beautiful. Cartier Bresson spoke of "decisive moment", we can also talk about mindfulness to get this moment that whispers "it's now!"

Exhibition: "DUALITY" This series zigzags between the innocuous and the poetic, questions the nature and the banal thing, confront them to extend it in public and dreamlike thing. To create poetry in images, to force the spectator to open the eyes on the infinitely small, on the ephemeral, on the public life, "Duality" wants to show that in all things one can draw there the beauty. The versus VEGETAL / URBAN is at the heart of this exhibition to give depth to life and leave room for wonder.

Format of works: A3 plus cadres

fichier Invitation Card : invitation_mail.pdf