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Recondite Portraits Recondite Portraits Recondite Portraits

Dimitris Papakonstantinou - Recondite Portraits

Link to the artist's website : Website

ARTIST’S BIO: • Born in Athens, Greece in 1978. • Attended private drawing classes for 3 years. • One year Foundation Course on Art and Design at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design (BTEC diploma). • Since 2002 I work as a graphic designer. • Four exhibitions (one collective and three solo).

Technique used: The technique I use is a solution I gave to the need for the ability to enlarge a small hand drawing to any size, without any resolution loss. The technique used is a 3 stages process. First stage: The drawings are made by hand using ink pens. Second stage: The finished ink drawings are scanned, to produce a digital copy. Third stage: The digitalized ink drawing is converted to vector format. Then it enlarges to the desired size and a solid color background is applied. Description of the work: Inkjet prints, printed with a Seiko solvent color inkjet printer on Eco-Sol Artist 230 gr/m2 matte paper, with 1.200 dpi resolution. Dimensions of the artwork: 40 x 50 cm.