Amicale du conseil de l'europe


Meze, short for mezedes or little delicacies, appear in some form or other around the Mediterranean. Share a meze in Cyprus and you will have tasted the true flavours of the island, for you may be served anything up to 30 dishes. It is a complete meal. But beware, don’t be tempted to finish every dish brought to your table, or by the end you may feel as though you’ve eaten for a week! Just take a leaf out of a Cypriot’s book and enjoy your meze ‘siga siga’ or slowly, slowly. Eating with a Cypriot family is an experience not to be missed, should you be lucky enough to be invited. Alternatively buy a local cookbook and try some of the recipes yourself. Vegetables, pulses and grains, as well as meat of course, make up the best part of a family’s diet. Eating home cooked meals opens up a whole new spectrum of Cypriot tastes and flavours.

La Maison des Tanneurs

Located at 42 rue du Bain aux Plantes, in Strasbourg, the Tanners House is an old house for tanning hides Symbolising alone the old quarter of millers and tanners once active in the Petite France, the Tanners house owes much of its picturesque implantation askew on the edge of an arm of Ill. 


How many member states does the Council of Europe have?

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