Mosaic Workshop

Mosaic is expressed through colourful and inspiring material

Playful, original and creative, the art of mosaic is expressed through colourful and inspiring material. The cutting and then assembly of the tiles for making figurative or abstract designs on a practical or decorative object provides an undeniable pleasure which is always evolving.

We meet every Thursday (outside of school holidays) from 12h15 to 14h15 in the Amicale’s plastic arts room.

Christiane Renaud has lived and worked for 20 years in Alsace. She trained as a professional maker of mosaics in the European Centre for Contemporary Mosaic and after many years of experimentation and research she finally found her own style.

She exhibited at the Palais de l’Europe in November 2015 (showcase area), and has also exhibited several times a year at the Place des Arts in Strasbourg and at the Forum des Arts avec Fibre d’Artistes in  Illkirch.

For 17 years she has held workshops for adults and children at l’Aclig in Illkirch and she has been doing the same at the Council for a dozen years.

Contact: Christiane Renaud (tel.: 06 89 94 49 85) or Ellen Wuibaux (tel. 32.35 or 06 59 68 77 99)

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