Energym - Stretching - Pilates

Energym - Stretching - Pilates

Energym - Fitness

A dynamic group, musically choreographed for warm-up, cardiovascular work and muscular reinforcement (thighs-abdominals-buttocks). The final minutes of each session are devoted to recovery and relaxation.

Stretching and relaxation. Muscles lengthen, breathing slows down, joints and the back are loosened, the body is relaxed; it finds its spring again!


Pilates strengthens your muscles. It enhances your flexibility, fitness and balance as well as your posture. All these things are beneficial to your well being.

Monday at 12.15: Pilates (Room n°1)
Monday at 13.15: Pilates - beginners (Room n°1)
Wednesday at 12.15: Energym - Fitness (Room n° 1)
Wednesday at 13.15: Stretching (Room n° 1)
Friday at 12.15: Pilates - advanced (Room n° 1)


Participants are reminded that only clean sports socks or bare feet are allowed in the sports room.



Tickets are sold by the teacher, Christine Firtion, before or after classes at the following prices:

Book of 5 tickets: 50 €
Book of 10 tickets: 85 €
Book of 20 tickets: 150 €

The first lesson can be tried free of charge.