The group meets once a month, mostly on a Monday. 


Contact : Elisabeth RIEGEL


Reading Group

We are a group of 20 members representing 8 nationalities who, for many years, have been meeting once a month to discuss a French or English version of a book by an author of any nationality (though some members may choose to read the book in their own language). The book should be read in advance by the person suggesting it.

We particularly like reading foreign and modern authors.

Responsables : Elisabeth Riegel - Jane Guarneri - Benedicta Krüger


Contact :


Prochaines lectures :

Lundi 15 octobre à 14h00 

Delphine de Vigan. Les loyautés. 205 pages. Edition Lattès.


Lundi 12 novembre à 14h00

Négar Djavadi. Désorientale. Edition Liana Lévi