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Europe in Strasbourg

Amicale Office and Committee

  • President : Denis HUBER
  • Co-President: Nathalie VERNEAU
  • Vice-President : Sabrina WITTMANN
  • Treasurer : Catherine GUERRERO
  • Executive Secretary : Renée MORITZ
  • Elected Members : Keltoum BELAID, Anne GAREL, Janis SYMONS, Isabelle BIRAMBAUX


AGORA - Bureau A1.09V

Summer hours: 9 am - 12.45 pm

(Occasionally closed for work meeting or events organisation)


Offres Avantages


L'Amicale propose deux types d'offres billetterie : une billetterie de base limitée à une sélection de 8 produits OU une billetterie plus large pour les détenteurs de la carte CEZAM-IRCOS.

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Tickets closure until 27 August

Tickets closure until 27 August

Calendar from 23/07/2018 to 27/08/2018

Our ticketing service will close on Friday 20 July for the summer.

For tickets ordered before 18 July that have not been recovered, it will be possible to collect them at the office of Amicale A1.09V at AGORA.

The Amicale ticket order system will re-open from Monday 27 August.

Fénétranges Festival

Fénétranges Festival

Calendar from 06/08/2018 to 20/10/2018

The Fénétranges Festival is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2018. As a consequence, 9 events will take place from 6 August to 20 October 2018 around music and gastronomy in a place steeped in history, surrounded by castles and old historic homes. 

For the occasion, the Amicale is offering its members concert tickets to which the discounted membership rate will be applied.

Further information on the Festival Web site

Exceptional closure of the ticket service delivery

Exceptional closure of the ticket service delivery

Calendar from 02/05/2018 to 11/05/2018

The Amicale informs staff members that all orders made between Wednesday 2 May afternoon and Wednesday 16 May before noon will be delivered from Friday 18 May at the same places and times (the Amicale Secretariat at the Agora and the Library in the Palais).

The orders made before 2 May at noon will be delivered normally (on Friday 4 May).

The Amicale kindly reminds you that all ticket orders must be made via the Amicale online services tool and paid by credit card.

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