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Europe in Strasbourg


President: Denis HUBER

Co-President: Nathalie VERNEAU

Vice-President: Ellen FOURNIER

Treasurer: Catherine GUERRERO

Executive Secretary: Renée MORITZ

Elected Members: Keltoum BELAID, Alla HEITZ, Bridget O'LOUGHLIN, Marie-Rose PREVOST, Eleni TSETSEKOU.


AGORA - Office A1.09V
+33(0)3 88 41 32 66



Du lundi au vendredi :

- de 9h30 à 12h30

- 14h00 à 17h00.

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Rules of the Game

Official rulebook of the ITTF
This rulebook is extensive and covers all and any eventuality in TT. It is not meant for beginners who 'just wanna have fun' but rather for professional or very serious amateur club players.