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New agents

Amicale du conseil de l'europe

Dear colleagues,

To new Council of Europe staff members

The Council of Europe’s staff association the Amicale is happy to welcome you as a member. Membership in the Amicale gives you the possibility of taking part in any or all of the activities described in the accompanying leaflet.
The Amicale’s activities are made possible solely by the support and commitment of volunteer staff-members. Perhaps you yourself would like to join them by offering a new activity or by contributing to existing cultural, social or sporting initiatives.

You will found bellow, this file wich contains the Amicale’s introductory leaflet, an explanation of how membership works, and the guide “Europe in Strasbourg and Alsace”. In addition, you may like to subscribe to the Amicale’s electronic newsletter to keep up to date with the Amicale’s events.

Amicale chairman

Download the Amicale welcome pack