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Europe in Strasbourg


AGORA - Bureau A1.09V
Du lundi au vendredi
09h30 - 15h30

Bureau et Comité

  • Président : Denis HUBER
  • Vice-présidente : Sabrina WITTMANN
  • Trésorière : Catherine GUERRERO
  • Secrétaire exécutive : Renée MORITZ
  • Membres élus : Keltoum BELAID, Anne GAREL, Janis SYMONS
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Put your hands up for the education of girls !

Put your hands up for the education of girls !

Written written the 04/10/2012

If you think that each girl has the right to quality education, join the campaign launched by Plan: come and take a photo with your hands up. This photo will be edited and handed to the General Secretary of the United Nations Ban Ki Moon on the 11th of October 2012 at the Headquarters of the United Nations in New York to celebrate the first International day of the girl child. Meeting point on October 9th at 12.15 P.M. at the main hall of the Palais de l'Europe or, weather permitting, outside the building.