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AGORA - Bureau A1.09V
Du lundi au vendredi
09h30 - 15h30

Bureau et Comité

  • Président : Denis HUBER
  • Vice-présidente : Sabrina WITTMANN
  • Trésorière : Catherine GUERRERO
  • Secrétaire exécutive : Renée MORITZ
  • Membres élus : Keltoum BELAID, Anne GAREL, Janis SYMONS
Offres Avantages
Leisures-Dances Caribbean dances
Take part in the Strasbourg Carnival !
Take part in the Strasbourg Carnival !

Take part in the Strasbourg Carnival !

Calendar from 26/02/2017 to 26/02/2017

In partnership with the association Karaïb’Vibe and with the support of the Ville de Strasbourg, Amicale’s Caribbean dance section will be participating in the Strasbourg Carnival. We will be taking part in the parade through the streets of Strasbourg on 26 February. We will be dressed in carnival costumes especially designed and prepared for the occasion and will be performing dance routines suited to all abilities. Should you be interested in joining in, please come along to the carnival rehearsal sessions, which will take place on

  • Tuesdays 7, 14 and 21 February: 18:45 to 20:15
  • Thursday 2 February: 20:00 – 21:00 and Thursdays 9 and 23 February: 18:45 – 20:00  
  • Sunday 12 February: 15:00 – 17:00
  • General rehearsal: Saturday 25 February 15:00 – 17:00 (distribution of costumes)

    Venue : Salle Polyvalente du Bon Pasteur, 10-12 Boulevard Jean-Sébastien Bach, Orangerie

    Participation : 15€ - Deadline : 9 February

    For more information please contact

    *Karaïb’Vibe (Strasbourg) promotes the culture of the Caribbean through its dance, music and songs