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Aïkido classes

Aïkido classes

Written written the 10/09/2013

The Aïkido section of ASCE is pleased to announce that training starts again on Tuesday in the Council of Europe dojo. Everyone is welcome to try out this activity, participation in the first class is free and without obligation.

Watch the video shot last year by your colleagues which will give you an overview of this activity.

For more information, please contact Denis Wunsch (2481, denis.wunsch@coe.int) or visit the Section’s Web Page.

Don't hesitate to come and have a try.

Aïkido classes start again

Calendar the 10/09/2013

After a very good season 2012/13, adult Aïkido classes will start again, on brand new tatamis, from the 10th of september on the usual schedule and rates.

Don't hesitate to come and have a try; participation in the first class is free and without obligation.

N.B. : This 2012/13 season saw the first time since the creation of the Aikido section more than 20 years ago, the number of female students equaling or sometimes exceeding the number of male students.



Written written the 02/10/2012

Sensei Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969) defined the principles of Aikido in 1929 (approximately 50 years after the creation of Judo in 1852) by integrating human moral values into the purely physical techniques of the traditional martial arts. The practice of this non-competitive discipline does not have a final objective of destroying ones adversary, nor dissuasion by fear, but an exchange of energy intended to diffuse the aggression and move out of the conflict situation. The Aikidoka primarily uses avoidance in order to avoid collision; he guides the attack of his opponent, by controling

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