Self-Defense – Goshin Jutsu

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Yann PRIVAT, Assistant
AGORA Building – Office A1.09V
From Monday to Friday
10 a.m. to 1.45 p.m.
Tel :

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Self Defense classes start again

Self Defense classes start again

Calendar the 09/09/2013

The Self Defense section of ASCE is pleased to announce that Goshin Jutsu (Self Defence) training starts again on Monday 9 September (6.30 pm) or Thursday 12 September 2013 (12.30 pm) in the Council of Europe dojo. Everyone is welcome to try out this activity.

Watch the HD video presented by your colleagues so as to convince you that this activity is accessible, efficient and friendly (in French only) !

For more information, please contact Marie Farigoules (4367,, Bogdan Torcatoriu (3282, or ou Daniel Popescu (3608,

Self Defense --Goshin Jutsu

Self Defense --Goshin Jutsu

Written written the 05/06/2013

"Goshin Jutsu" can be translated as "the path of self protection through technique" (Japonese "goshin" = "protection", "jutsu"= "technique").

Self Defense training based on Goshin Jutsu includes a wide range of techniques (strikes, blocks, locks, projections and chokes) against an armed or unarmed assailant. It does not aim at knocking him out but rather at avoiding, deflecting or blocking the attack and control the assailant by using the minimum effective force.
This practice is therefore extremely useful in self defense, but also in order to acquire fast reflexes, muscular tonus and ... Read more »