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Keltoum BELAID
AGORA - Bureau A1.09V
Du lundi au vendredi
10h00 - 14h00

Bureau et Comité

  • Président : Denis HUBER
  • Vice-présidente : Anne GAREL
  • Trésorière : Catherine GUERRERO
  • Trésorière adjointe : Katia BARON
  • Secrétaire exécutive : Théa CHUBINIDZE
  • Secrétaire exécutive adjointe : Orsolya GANCSOS
  • Comité de l'Amicale
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Social action
Excursion to Sierck-les Bains and the Saar on Thursday 10 October

Excursion to Sierck-les Bains and the Saar on Thursday 10 October

Calendar the 10/10/2013

As part of its ongoing social activities, AIACE (the International Association of former Staff Members of the Council of Europe) has organised an excursion to Sierck-les Bains and the Saar on Thursday 10 October. There remain some places available.

We would be delighted if serving staff and their families would like to join their former colleagues and to take part in this very interesting excursion.

Please find attached the program (in French only) which comprises a visit to the Malbrouck ... Read more »

What is AIACE?

What is AIACE?

Written written the 27/04/2012

The International Association of Former Council of Europe Staff Members (usually referred to by its French acronym, AIACE) was established in 1979.
Its present statutes were adopted in1996. It is a non-profit making body and pursues no political or religious goals. Its primary purpose is to maintain contacts between former Council of Europe officials and defend its members’ interests.
The Association is managed by a committee of at least 7 members. They are all unpaid volunteers elected ... Read more »